Joining a work team is a great way to lend your gifts and experience The Esther School first hand. All you need is an open heart, willing hands, and a teachable spirit - and we promise God will show you something new.


Volunteering isn't just about lending your gifts. It's also about what's going to happen in your heart. Come ready to serve, but also ready to learn. When you start your trip with an open mind and teachable spirit, you set yourself up for a full experience. // We want people who are ready to come with an open mind and a teachable spirit. Because when you do that, you allow yourself to make an impact AND to be impacted.

Work Teams

We periodically have teams come to help with projects on campus. Projects can range from construction, such as plumbing, electrical, farming to reading help, art, Field Day and more. Joining a work team is a great way to experience The Esther School first hand and while also lending a helping hand!


Email Jill at about the next available trip or about creating your own team.


Kids Camp

Kids Camp is a week long camp that focuses on sharing the Bible and offering extra school help. Activities include chapel, reading, science, and math sessions, and fun group games. Come for a week of joy, laughter, and learning.

Email about the dates and openings of this year's Kids Camp!

Creative Projects

We're always looking for creative minds to help us share about The Esther School. If you are a photographer, videographer, and/or graphic designer, you could help make a difference in the lives of these children by lending your talents! Email us at with your interest!


Office Volunteers

Want to help in our Grand Rapids office? We sometimes need help organizing our inventory or sending out mailings. Join our volunteer list to stay in the loop for volunteer opportunities. 

Interested in interning and gaining some valuable experience? Email Jill at