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As a sponsor, you provide a child access to a quality education, clean water, food, and a safe place.

These things, not guaranteed to the children before, can become a daily occurrence. Your outreach of love through sponsorship is putting another child in the middle of loving teachers, the gospel message and the hope we can all find in Jesus. Through sponsorship, you’re helping the whole child – mind, body, and soul.


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Whole Child Approach

Before learning can even happen in the classrooms, children's basic needs must be met. Many of our students come from hard places and trauma in their short lives - the result of the cycle of poverty. We want to help children reach their full potential. That's why at The Esther School we focus on the whole child. We lay a foundation of physical, emotional, and spiritual security, and in so doing allow our students to flourish in their education.


Physical Needs

Children at The Esther School have access to clean water, hygiene education, two meals and a snack every day, and basic medical care - things that weren’t guaranteed them before. Because of this, our students can grow strong and learn how to live healthy lives.


Emotional Needs

It's important for children to feel safe. Students at The Esther School are surrounded by kind and loving teachers who are eager to encourage and empower. Their classrooms become a safe environment. Through all this, our students are learning that they have voice and value in the Kingdom.


Spiritual Needs

Students at The Esther School get to know Jesus and experience Him. Through Bible lessons and weekly chapels, students can grow in their relationship with their Savior. As the love of Jesus pours into them, it waters the seed of hope inside of them.


Our Sponsorship Model

The Esther School runs on a dual sponsorship program. This means there are two levels of sponsoring a child. People can fully sponsor a child as a Sole Sponsor or cover half of a child's sponsorship as a Dual Sponsor. 

Who Can Be a Sponsor?

Anyone! Individuals, families, small groups, clubs, and schools are all examples of
current sponsors. Gather your friends, rally your office, or sign up your self.
However it looks, you can make a difference.

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On the donation payment page you will be asked to choose one of the following. SOLE Sponsor: $100 USD per month ($130 CAD) SOLE Sponsor: $1,200 USD per year ($1,560 CAD) DUAL Sponsor: $50 USD per month ($65 CAD) DUAL Sponsor: $600 USD per year ($780 CAD)