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Interested in teaching or serving in Zambia? As The Esther School continues to add more grades and programs, our staff grows with it! Check to see what positions are open and see if this could be where God is calling you.

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Co Teaching Information

Teaching at The Esther School is a partnership. One of the foundational concepts that we put into practice is co-teaching. North American and Zambian teachers are paired together to dually lead the classroom.

We believe that partnering is important. When you partner, it allows you to mutually learn from and empower each other. You’re role as teacher isn’t just about the 24 students in your classroom. It’s about growing and strengthening your co-teacher, who will impact students for years to come.

Co-teaching combines cultures, best teaching practices, and mutual love for the Lord to provide a unified, Kingdom-like classroom where students can learn to their fullest potential and develop servant leadership. And when these students watch their teachers working together, they get a glimpse of what the diverse and beautiful family of God looks like.