We have a new Preschool...

…well, technically, we have 21 new Preschoolers, 1 new Kindergartner and 2 new First Graders! After assessing the progress (and actual ages!) of a few of our current students, we made some slight adjustments in the class rosters so that some of our students will remain in their current classes and others will be advanced one or even two grades. The end result created openings in all 3 of our classes for 2013-14. We are very excited to welcome our 25 new students and their families – some of whom are new to us and some of whom we have already developed relationships during the past year. We are already busy preparing for next year and are very confident that we have selected the 25 students that God has prepared for school next year…for success in the future…”for such a time as this”…

Here is the list of names of our new students:




Emmanuel C.

Blessed C.

Hudson (yes – our little red-headed Zambian!)











Kaumba (Peter)






Emmanuel Z.

New to Kindergarten:


New to Grade 1:

Blessed M.

Emmanuel M.

Please join us in praying for each of these new students, as well as our current students, as they prepare for school next September. We always pray that not only will our students be prepared to explore, discover, wonder and learn about God’s creation, but to grow strong in their relationship with Him. We also constantly pray that our students will discover who God created them to be; what role He created them for; and what talents, skills and abilities He equipped them with to serve His Purpose in His Kingdom. Please join us in holding up in prayer the students of the Esther School for 2013-2014.

We have also selected 2 new Zambian teachers to serve with us next year. Getrude, one of our Preschool teachers this year, will continue to serve with Jean in her current capacity. Beauty, who willingly served with Rachel in Kindergarten this year, will be leaving to continue her training and education.

That leaves us with two openings for new Zambian teachers – one in Kindergarten and one in Grade 1. We will wait to make final assignments when we convene in August, but we are very pleased that God has sent us 2 wonderful, talented and eager young women that were selected among several other qualified applicants. Please also join us in welcoming and praying for Theresah and Phillipa, our new teachers for 2013-14. (We hope to post some pictures later this fall)

If you are interested in sponsorship for 2013-14 students, please contact the GEMS office in Grand Rapids ASAP and indicate your intent and preferences. Last year, we were blessed with more willing sponsors than we had students and some potential sponsors had to wait. Likely, this year’s student sponsorship opportunities will fill up quickly as well. If you sponsored a child this year, please also confirm your intentions for next year with the GEMS office.

Zikomo Kwambili! (Thank you very much!)