Construction Continues on Grade 4-6!

We just shared a video about how we began digging for the Grade 4-6 building. Well, now we have more exciting news.

Our team of 19 local men have been working hard preparing the ground for it's foundation. This past week, the concrete was poured and bricks delivered! This is another monumental step in building Grade 4-6.

Here's the extra blessing. Because The Esther School is located an hour outside of the city, no cement company could make it to the campus before the cement hardened. So for the past buildings, the men had to mix the concrete on their own. That means fetching water, mixing small batches of cement at a time, and lengthening the amount of time needed for building projects.

But not this time.

A few months ago, a cement company moved one of their branches to a location just 30 minutes from The Esther School. That's near enough to deliver the cement before it solidifies. When God was prompting the hearts of the people the at the Raise (them) UP Dinner to give towards the Grade 4-6 classrooms, He was preparing the tools needed in Zambia to build it.

Jehovah-jireh. God provides.