Updates and Prayer Requests

We are in full swing here with school starting next week. This week is full of meetings, purchases and final preparations. Here are a few of our latest updates and prayer requests: - We have many minor and major meetings this week as we make final preparations for the new students, new classrooms, new lunch program and new school year. Yesterday was the first meeting of our Projects Committee, which oversees the income-generating projects of the school, and today was the first full meeting of the PTA. Both groups welcomed new members, so please pray for unity and wisdom for those leadership committees.

- Thursday will be our student orientation and open house where we welcome all students to campus to receive new uniforms, meet their teachers and acclimate to the new classrooms.

- This week the traditional tribal leaders in our area have been convening to discuss the selection of the new Chief, with an announcement expected late in the week. We are praying that the Soli people select a wise and honorable replacement to the late Chief, and one who will be obedient to God as he was.

- And, of course, we are all praying for a successful start to the new school year. Specifically, it is our prayer that all of our new and returning students would arrive with hearts and minds open to learn about God, His Creation, themselves and their role in His Kingdom. Last year, we invited friends and supporters from across the world to join us as we meet here in prayer early before the first day of school, which is set for Monday, September 2. We will be meeting with parents and local leaders at 6:00am, which is midnight Sunday night/Monday morning US EST. If you are able, please join us, even in a simple prayer for The Esther School and a safe and successful year 2.

- Finally, we ask Your prayers for one of our first grade teachers, Phillipa, and for her father as he recently fell ill and is not faring well. Mr. Mwewa, a teacher of teachers himself, collapsed in his field over the weekend after struggling with some health concerns. He has been hospitalized and recently slipped into a coma. Phillipa is a young woman and away (by some distance) from her family during much of this difficult time. She was able to travel to see him over the weekend but is back here now trying to prepare for her new role, and obviously preoccupied with her fathers well-being. Please pray for her peace and comfort and for a proper diagnosis and treatment for her father.