Update on Damaged Building

First, The Esther School would like to thank everyone for their prayers over the past few days. God has blessed us with a supportive community, and we want to communicate our thanks to you! After two days of cleaning, reorganizing, and building, The Esther School has resumed classes today. Again, the community gathered to help. There was a prayer meeting over the school, and after which, they people stayed to help move chairs, bins, and tables to transitory storage areas. Brent and his team worked hard to put up temporary roofing so preschool could have a place to meet.

Progress continues to be made on the new building. The roof is near completion and workers have begun plastering the inside walls. Cement for the building will be poured over the next few weeks.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support during this time of transition. The current set up is a temporary solution, but one we are thankful for nonetheless!