Last week, we welcomed three additional people to The Esther School. Lisa Brearley will be the new Grade 1 teacher taking over for Jillian Draayer. Lisa is a 2010 graduate of Trinity College from Caledonia, Michigan. Roger and Joan Sikkenga also join us for the next two months. Roger served as a school administrator for many years, in the United States, Nigeria, and Uganda. They will be offering their help and expertise during their stay. We are thankful for our new members! Please pray for these new members as they transition to life in Zambia and The Esther School. Zambia is also in a time of transition. Two weeks ago, the president of Zambia passed away. Today, the day of his funeral, has been marked as a national holiday. Our school and all others are closed as the nation honors their late president. Please pray for this country as they mourn and look ahead. With no designated successor, the political system is vulnerable. Protests and violence have broken out in the capitol, Lusaka, due to this vulnerability. According to the constitution, an election must take place within 90 days after the president’s death. Pray that God protects this country from corruption and brings forth a God-fearing leader.

Lisa Brearley