The First Esther School Babies!

This has been another exciting week at The Esther School so far! Over the course of the past few days, our first baby chicks were born! It was so exciting to go out to the nesting box and find them! Enjoy some of the photos of them, as well as the work to build them a more suitable home, as they are already beginning to wander. As you can see, we had lots of help!








20130115-145604.jpg So far there are nine chicks, with two more eggs left to hatch. You can imagine that they are getting lots of attention here on campus! As they grow, they will move into the coop that Thompson built for us. It is a bit bigger and a bit higher, and is a safe place for them to roost at night.

20130115-150321.jpg As many of you are aware, poultry (both for eggs and meat) will be a key component in the sustainability of The Esther School in the future. They will provide food for the students and staff of the school, as well as allow for an income to be made as the eggs and meat are sold. While we are not there yet, we are working towards that goal as we move forward. It is exciting even to see the very beginnings of what is to come!


As is often the case here in Zambia, as we celebrate this new life and growth of the school, we also mourn the loss of life with one of our night guards and longest employees here at The Esther School. Mike's two year old grandson passed away on Sunday. We understand that he was only sick for a few days prior to his death, and it is presumed that it was malaria that took his young life. This is coming only a few weeks after he also lost his young daughter to illness. And so, yesterday, again, a tiny casket was built here on campus, a heart-breaking sight, but a gift that is truly priceless to the family, as they would otherwise not have the means to provide for a proper burial. Please keep Mike and his family in your prayers in the coming weeks.