The First Chapel of Second Semester

Today was the first Friday of our new semester, and thus, our first chapel! We all gathered together in the library for a time of worship. Kevin led us in prayer and the reading of Scripture, reminding the students again how our praises to the Lord bring Him joy. Oh, to hear the children singing again! Although we've all heard, "This is the Day" many times since we were young, to hear it sung by these 50 little ones, all singing at the top of their voices is truly priceless! Song after song we sang, each time as we thought a song would end, the children would begin it again! We are certain that their praises made the Lord smile (and probably even brought a tear to His eye as it did to ours). Following our time of worship and celebration together, Kevin led us all to the field where almost all of the students had at least one parent working this morning. The field is one of the projects of our Parent Volunteer Program, and also the first in the development of the long-term sustainability of The Esther School. Parents have plowed, planted, and weeded the field with hopes to harvest corn, ground nuts, squash, pumpkins, and various other vegetables to sell as profit for the school. Many parents were there weeding, there were others continuing to plow (with a team of oxen....we will include pictures! Amazing!), and they all stopped to hear the students gather before them to sing and collectively thank them for working so hard so that they could go to school. What a blessed morning it was!

Please enjoy some of the pictures of the morning so that you, too, may experience some of the joy that was experienced as we all gathered together....