The First Chapel

Friday morning was an incredible morning for us all here at The Esther School. As will be our Friday morning tradition, we had our first chapel with all of the students, teachers, and administrators. Also in attendance were the parent helpers who were helping in the classrooms, our families, and the Zambian women who help us in our homes. What an amazing time together! Kevin welcomed us all there and shared with the students that we would be using our voices to worship God together. We began by singing a few English Bible songs that they have been learning in their classes, as well as a few that were new to them. Lindsey played along with the singing on her guitar, which they loved! After those first songs, both the preschool class and the kindergarten class took turns teaching us all a special song that they are learning in class. Kevin closed us all by sharing with the children how God smiles when we sing praises to Him and use our talents for His glory. He challenged them to think about what their God-given gifts are that they can use for God. Both he and Margaret, one of our house helpers, closed in prayer. Kevin in English, and Margaret in Nyanja.

There is no doubt that the angels were gathered around as we sang and witnessed those little ones' excitement for the Lord. We can't wait to see how this weekly time gathered together grows and blesses all of us this year.

Please enjoy some of the moments of this most precious time together...