The Class of 2027!

We can hardly believe it, but we are already well underway towards preparing for our next incoming preschool class! The current school year will be finished on May 31 and we are looking forward to a "summer" holiday (it's actually winter here). Then, Lord willing, all of our current kindergarten and preschool students will be moving on to grade 1 and kindergarten, respectively. Later today, we will hold our first informational and pre-registration meeting for all local families interested in enrolling their children for next year's preschool class. This will be our first chance to meet some new and familiar faces and explain the way that the Esther School operates.

Then, next Friday, April 26, we will hold an assessment day for all registered prospective students. At this event, we channel children through a series of stations where we test and observe their cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, social and other skills. From there, a selection committee comprised of ES staff members and community representatives meets to review this information to help determine which students are most ready for learning. We also spend much time in prayer, focus on the needs of orphaned and other vulnerable children, and attempt to fairly represent the area villages, churches and families.

Sometime in early May, we hope to announce the next group of Esther School students - the class of 2027! At that time we will also begin to prepare to accept new student sponsors from around the world. Please pray that God will prepare, equip and then reveal those families that He has chosen to join our faith community and that the hearts and minds of those children will be opened to learn more about Him, themselves, His world and their place in it.

Zikomo Kwambili! Twalumbu! Thank You!