Teacher Appreciation Month


May is teacher appreciation month. Throughout the year, we see our teachers arriving every morning with a passion for what they do. It’s easy for us to see their dedication, so we wanted to ask our teachers why they love teaching. Here’s what some of them said:

“What I love about teaching is seeing the change that takes place in a child, watching a child grow from knowing nothing to something. Seeing the successes in them.”

- Therisah, Kindergarten Teacher



“I have to say my favorite things about teaching Grade 5 is the level of relationship that you can have with them. They know English, you can have conversations with them. And they are growing and coming into young adulthood. That phase in life is really fun to be a part of. We have really good camaraderie, it’s a really fun relationship.”

- Leslie, Grade Five Teacher


“My favorite thing about teaching is Bible. I like the way the students respond and want to know more about the Bible stories. And I see that it inspires them a lot. The other day they were calling themselves prayer warriors. So, I asked them ‘What’s a prayer warrior?’ And they said, ‘A person who can pray for others and a person who cannot get tired of prayer. He is praying and praying.’”

- Mutinta, Grade Two Teacher



“My favorite part about teaching preschool is pouring into them each day and seeing how they are growing. And how sweet they are, sometimes they’re crazy, but they are too sweet! This class that we have, I watched them every day, from the first day they started learning. I think it was just a few days, and I was able to see the difference. I enjoy seeing how they grow each time we teach them.”

- Mildred, Preschool Teacher


“I love seeing them grow in their relationship with the Lord throughout the year. I see it in how they pray and how they worship. I love how they grow with the Lord. I feel this is a special place to experience that – how we’re so focused on the Lord and what He can do through them.”

- Gina, Kindergarten Teacher


“The relationship part is the biggest for me. I love that we get to walk alongside our students as they grow on their faith journey. Being able to walk alongside our students in every aspect. When they’re struggling and when they’re succeeding, to be a part of that growth.”

- Paige, Grade Four Teacher



“There are so many good things about teaching. But my favorite is when the students are really fully engaged in whatever discussion is on the floor and take it upon themselves by giving examples. Sometimes you come and say, ‘this is what I’m going to teach today.’ But with their knowledge about what you’ve presented to them, they bring their ideas, their creativity, and their experiences from home. Giving them that freedom to say, ‘this is what I want to talk about.’ That is what really makes me enjoy teaching.”

- Weston, Grade Three Teacher


“My favorite thing about teaching is definitely seeing how kids grow. Obviously academically it is exciting, but not only that. You get to see how they become more confident, able to get along with their friends, and more mature. You see them grow up. You know and believe these are the new difference makers that are coming. And you see them becoming the difference makers. As they get older, you know the big things they’ll do some day in the world!”

- Anne, Student Support Teacher


As you can see by these few examples, our teachers are dedicated to what they do. They look for growth in each student and want each child to know their identity in Christ. They are invested in their students’ futures and successes!


Thank you, teachers, for making a huge impact in your students’ lives!