Students and Easter

Easter and the week leading up to it are important days to reflect upon Christ. We can look back on the miracle that happened long ago. We asked students questions about Easter and Jesus’ final days on Earth. See how they responded:


G4 - 2.png

When Jesus was on Earth, people celebrated Him on Palm Sunday. How do you celebrate Jesus?

“I celebrate Jesus when I’m singing, when I’m dancing, when I’m eating, when I’m praying, when I’m helping my friends and mama, and when I’m fetching water.” – Grade 1 Student

“We go to church to celebrate Jesus.” – Preschool Student 

“I celebrate Jesus by singing, dancing, praying, and preaching!” – Grade 3 Student

“I dance and celebrate Jesus because He died to forgive my sins.” – Grade 6 Student

“I dance, and I sing ‘Hosanna, Hosanna!’” – Kinder Student

“I celebrate Jesus on Easter, on Sundays, and on Saturdays. I celebrate Jesus every day!” – Grade 4 Student


At the Last Supper, Jesus made a promise to His disciples. What are God’s promises?

“God promised to give me the Holy Spirit and that He’s coming back.” – Grade 2 Student

“God promised Noah and us to never flood the world again.” – Grade 3 Student

“God said He’d never leave me.” – Grade 4 Student

“Jesus promised to die on the cross, forgive our sins, and come back in 3 days.” – Kinder Student

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Jesus prayed to the Father before He went to the cross. How do you pray to God?

“I pray that God is with me and to forgive my sins.” – Kinder Student

“I pray for my grandma, my uncle, and my aunt. I thank him for my family.” – Grade 1 Student

“Sometimes I pray the Lord’s prayer. I also thank Him for life and for blessing me.” – Grade 5 Student

“I ask God for forgiveness, I pray for others, and I thank him for my things.” – Grade 2 Student

“I ask Jesus to help others and to help me.” – Grade 3 Student

“I kneel down and pray for those who are sick and for my family.” Grade 3 Student

“In a quiet place, I pray to God. Then, He starts to answer me.” Grade 4 Student

“I pray to God for my mama.” – Preschool Student

“I pray that God will continue blessing me. He blessed me with my life and my families’ life.” – Grade 6 Student

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What does Jesus dying on the cross mean to you?

“Jesus died on the cross to forgive us our sins.” – Grade 5 Student

“He died for me and washed away my sins.” – Grade 1 Student

“Jesus loves me and He loves others. He died for our sins.” – Kinder Student

“He died for my sins. He gives me life.” – Grade 2 Student

“Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins.” – Grade 6 Student

“God loves us and He forgives our sins.” – Grade 4 Student

“God forgives our sins.” – Preschool Student


Jesus was buried in a tomb. Then Easter Sunday, He rose from the grave! What’s that mean to you?

“Jesus will come back again, and we will see him in heaven.” – Grade 3 Student

“He will come again.” – Grade 1 Student

“Jesus will be with us always.” – Grade 2 Student

“We will be with Jesus in heaven.” – Grade 4 Student

“We will be with Jesus and God, and He’ll be with you.” – Kinder Student

 “We’ll see Jesus in heaven, and He’ll be in our hearts.” – Grade 5 Student

“Jesus rose from the grave and went to Heaven. When we go to Heaven, we can be with Jesus.” – Grade 6 Student



We love what The Esther School students shared! Every day, The Esther School students hear the Gospel – in morning devotions, Bible class, Chapel, and conversations with their teachers and peers. God is impacting his children by teaching them that He loves them, He has a plan for them, and they belong to Him!