Sponsorship Day

It is hard to believe we are wrapping up our first month of school! With a few weeks under our belts, routines have been established and students have settled in to their classrooms. A new element being implemented this year is Sponsorship Day. Every day, Dana, the sponsorship coordinator, spends one-one-one time with a student from each class.

A student during his sponsorship time

During this time, the student chooses how they want to spend their time - playing football (soccer), jump rope, swinging, reading, etc. Through this time, Dana can learn more about each student's personality and communicate it to their sponsors. So far, it is going smoothly, and students are enjoying their special sponsorship time!

Prayer Requests:

  • Water - we have been experiencing consistent water shortage. Pray that we find a method to best conserve our water
  • Health - sicknesses continue to travel around campus. Pray that students and staff remain healthy
  • Praise for a great first month of school