Special Days in March


March was full of many special days! We have many reasons to celebrate, and March helped us stop, take a day, and reflect.

International Women’s Day was March 8! Some of our teachers attended a march and a local celebration in the community. Many women play an important role in The Esther School, both currently and in the past. We are so thankful for the teachers, mamas, and women of this community who continue to impact the children here. And we are thankful for the girls at The Esther School who are learning their value and believing that they can make a difference in the world. Happy Women's Day, here and around the world!

On March 12, The Esther School celebrated Youth Day! The day included football (soccer) matches, races, and a special treat! Classes enjoyed competing against each other in football, ending with a match between Grade 5 and the teachers! Everyone had so much fun celebrating the youth! We love watching watching how God continues to mold these youth into strong men and women living for Him!

World Water Day was March 22. Water is a vital part of life, and we are thankful God blessed us with access to clean water and hygienic bathrooms. During one of the special classes, God Encounter, students prayed over the water crisis. Shocked to hear that 884 million people do not have access to clean water, students prayed for these people and for the wells at The Esther School and the village. We thank God for how He provides for The Esther School. We pray for local water supply, for those without clean water, and those working toward bringing clean water to all!

We see that God gives us many reasons to celebrate and be thankful! Whether it’s women, youth, or water, we remember God’s plans and promises for us all. It was great to be reminded of the people and things He provides for us!