Newman's Own Foundation Holiday Challenge Fundraiser


The Newman's Own Foundation $500k Holiday Challenge is going on now through December 31! We are excited about this opportunity to share what God is doing at The Esther School and to invite others to join us. 

One way YOU can help is by setting up your own fundraising page.

Setting up a personal fundraising page is a great way to engage the people you know. Once set up, share with your friends, family, and co-workers. This could be the first introduction to The Esther School for someone with a heart for the mission! They will then be able to give directly through your fundraiser. Through YOU, more can hear about The Esther School, and more can make an impact on the students!

How to set up a fundraising page:

  1. Go to The Esther School's donation page
  2.  Click "Join the Team & Create Your Own Fundraiser" to begin setting up your own page


  1. Email to have the page set up for you or if you have any questions

Once your page is made, invite others to give through it! You'll be able to see how many people have connected to The Esther School through you!

Sharing your fundraising page:

  • E-mail - Reach your friends and family through email. Share about The Esther School and invite them to give to your fundraiser!
  • Social Media - Share about your fundraiser through your favorite social media site and invite your followers to join in!
    • Links to Facebook and Twitter on your fundraising page
  • Face-to-Face - Share your involvement with The Esther School as you see people. You never know who the Lord is preparing to join!

YOU can empower children to serve their communities, families, and the Kingdom with their passions and skills!