Ready to Serve; Eager to Give

No matter the age, you can make a difference. We’re often reminded of this truth by the GEMS clubs in the US and Canada. These girls eagerly join in the call of bringing education and the Gospel to the children of Nyangwena. We wanted to share just one of the stories that has found it’s way to our ears.

At one of their weekly meetings, the GEMS girls’ club of Clinton CRC in Ontario talked about the importance of giving back to the Lord. They discussed the principal of tithing, giving 10% of what you have been given back to God. With a Soup Dinner Fundraiser coming up, the girls decided they wanted to give 10% of the funds raised to The Esther School.

At the “Soup & Bun Supper” the GEMS girls welcomed guests, delivered soup, and cleaned up tables. They served over 240 people! True to the word, the girls took 10% of what they raised for their club and sent it to The Esther School. The gift arrived on #GivingTuesday. Because of matching donors, the girls’ gift doubled!

We love how God is using girls like Clinton GEMS to impact the children of The Esther School, but we also love how God turns it around and uses The Esther School to instill generosity and selflessness in girls around the world.