Raise (them) UP

The Esther School is growing. Every year, we welcome 24 new students into the preschool class. At the same time, we add the next grade for our oldest students. As The Esther School enters it’s fifth year, we will be serving 148 students and running preschool through grade four.

The need to continue building our campus is immediate. Currently, our campus is fitted through grade three. As our students grow in age and number, the campus needs to grow with them. God continues to fill the classrooms with students and teachers and we want to take the opportunity He’s given to reach more children!

The 18-month Raise (them) UP campaign allows us to construct the buildings associated with primary education and update current buildings to fit the needs of our growing students.

On June 15, we held the Raise (them) UP Dinner. Nearly 400 people attended and learned about God’s work at The Esther School. We shared our 18-month goal of $250,000 through the Raise (them) Up Campaign with the first phase need of $85,000 to build grades 4, 5, and 6. You answered the call.

That night, over $88,000 was raised.

In one night, God again revealed His faithfulness. In one night, the first phase was complete! Through generous donors before and after the dinner, the Raise (them) Up Campaign has over $120,000 toward the 18-month goal.

Brent Miedema, Building Administrator at The Esther School, commented on the Lord’s faithfulness, “We rely on God and we rely on who He brings to the table… We know that the people at the dinner are handpicked by Him, and we just continue to share our faith with [the people of the village] about waiting on what God wants us to build next.”

God has called The Esther School community for such a time as this. And “the one who calls you is faithful and He will do it.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

By raising up the campus, we can continue our mission of raising up the children to become servant leaders. We are beyond thankful for everyone who joined and who will join The Esther School to raise them up! 

Check out some highlight photos from the Raise (them) UP Dinner!

Photo credit: J.Chong Productions