Q&A with Facilities Director, Brent Miedema

Our Communications Coordinator sat down with Brent Miedema, Facilities Director, to hear about his past three years in the position.

Brent Miedema, Facilities Director, came to The Esther School (TES) three years ago with his wife and four children. During his three years here, he has helped build and maintain the TES campus, as well as train and mentor a group of local Zambian workers.

Communications Coordinator (CC): What has been a favorite part about serving at TES?

Brent Miedema (BM): I like to see things grow and develop. The way we know how to build things now is different than how we knew how to build them before. We’re creating a longer lasting campus, which impacts the school for years to come. Also, one of the great things about this position is that we’re developing a skill in our team of guys. These workers came in only knowing how to use a pick ax and a shovel. Now, these men know how to use power tools and make things that they can be proud of.  We’re helping develop and define a skill so that they know the “why” behind the action and can go out and help their family and community with it.

CC: What is something that has surprised you?

BM: I came here and thought my purpose was to build buildings, but God showed me it was to finding heroes in the community. He taught me to look beyond the bricks to the people behind them. He invited me to come along side the guys, find specific traits in them, and then empower them in that trait. By finding the heroes, the impact is longer lasting.

CC: Your role is not just supervising the men, but also mentoring. What does that look like?

BM: Like I said above, training them in a skill and explaining the “why” behind it. Finding their natural gift and then encouraging them in that area. I’ve also started offering a personal finance class that will help them manage how they use their paycheck.

CC: How have you seen God make an impact through the buildings?

BM: God doesn’t just impact one thing. It’s a ripple effect. By impacting the men, it impacts their families, and communities.

CC: What is the main goal of your position?

BM: All the work that we do is driven by love. The main goal is to change people’s lives. It’s not profit or how fast a building gets done. It’s about the men, the school, this community, and these people.

CC: What would you say to someone considering serving at The Esther School?

BM: Come for the calling. If God calls you here, He will use you. And remember that you are entering someone else’s world. Step lightly. Be ready to make a change, but be ready to be changed. Have an open, teachable spirit. God will use you, but He will also use this place to teach you something.

CC: Any other thoughts?

BM: I would just say that mission has nothing to do with your location, but everything to do with where your heart is.


Thank you, Brent and Miedema Family, for your three years of service at The Esther School! You have truly blessed this place.

Want to learn more about the Facilities Director position? Click here for the full job description and email info@estherschool.org for further inquiries.