Popcorn into Markers

One grade two class at Dutton Christian in Michigan understands the importance of dry erase markers at school. They use them everyday! So when they heard that their pen pal class at The Esther School also used dry erase markers, they wanted to help. Getting dry erase markers to The Esther School can be difficult and costly, so these grade two students started brainstorming on how they could help.

The class came up with the idea to raise money for markers through a popcorn fundraiser. For one day, they would sell popcorn to the rest of the elementary classes. The students did the math and set a goal for selling 200 bags of popcorn, which could buy 64 dry erase markers. With the goal set and word out, the students got ready to serve.

What happened next blew them away! They sold 400 bags of popcorn and ran out! Some of the grade two students gave up their order so others could have it. In the end, they raised $200 and purchased 350 markers for their friends at The Esther School.

We love hearing stories of children around the world grabbing hold of the mission of The Esther School and making it their own. They are excited about the role they play in the Kingdom and unafraid to step in faith. Thank you Dutton Christian second grade class for your servant's heart and for sharing your love and joy!

"It felt like we were giving love to the school buy turning popcorn into dry erase markers."  -Dutton Christian grade two student