New Uniforms!

What a day it was here on the campus of The Esther School! Today the students all arrived in their brand new uniforms! For those of you that might not be aware, there is a sponsorship program for the students here at school (You can learn more about it here for the next school year!) Part of the funds that are given for the students each year go towards the purchasing of their school uniforms. When this year began, we had uniforms that had been sent over from the States, but in order to have them on time for school to begin, they had to be purchased prior to the actual selection of the students for each class, and prior to us actually having lived here for any length of time.

While they worked as well as could be expected initially, there were definitely sizing challenges, and the lighter color proved to be a significant challenge for the mamas to keep clean. They required daily washing, and this is difficult with no running water for most here in the village. We were so thankful that new uniforms (complete with shoes, socks, and underwear), were sent specifically for each child to match the measurements that we had taken of each student for both their clothing and shoe sizes.

Yesterday, at the first PTA meeting of the new year, the new uniform sets were handed out to the parents. They were overjoyed, and even applauded as they were shown the new pieces of clothing and shoes. They were so very grateful. And then, this morning, the students came. They were so excited and so eager! So proud of their new uniforms, even wiping off their shoes after walking along the dusty roads to school, just to be sure to keep them clean. It was truly priceless to see how proud and grateful they were!

None of our words can must just see for yourselves! Enjoy the photos of these sweet little ones today! We hope they are evidence of the depth of their gratitude to each of the sponsors who have committed to supporting them both financially and in prayer this year. Thank you!