Moving Day

Moving — Yes, we have moved into the duplex! What a glorious day! Long-awaited and amazing (not to mention exhausting!). We have spent three nights here so far, and we are very grateful for being able to unpack our suitcases (finally!) and settle in a bit. Despite the sheer joy of being able to move, it was also a bit bittersweet because we so loved our time living with all of us in the teacher’s quarters. We all grew so much together over these last months. At this point, I guess you could still consider us in a time of transition because we are living without a functioning kitchen. We are hopeful that the appliances, counters, and sink will be installed in the next day or so (again, Zambian time, so who knows!). Current prayer needs:

  1. For the faculty and staff at school, Zambian and North American, to forge strong, God-glorifying, mutually rewarding relationships that meld together to provide students with the highest caliber of education possible.
  2. For students to quickly embrace, with their whole hearts and minds, their new classroom experience and the daily opportunities set before them.
  3. For the strong relationships already developed between faculty and staff at the school and the residents of Nangwenya village to continue to grow and be mutually affirming.
  4. For parents and caregivers of students to “own” their responsibility to help make the school successful by volunteering 15 hours of time each month to the daily tasks of operating the school.
  5. For the faculty and staff and their families to continue to see God going before them, providing for all they need each day. To God be the glory!

Current financial needs:

  1. $900 to build a storage room for the well pump and the generator needed to power it.
  2. $3,000 to complete the soccer field for the school.
  3. $400 to buy laying hens to begin to provide eggs for the lunch program at the school
  4. $9 per brick for the Grade One Classroom. A total of 7,000 bricks needed.
  5. $600 to sponsor a student at the school for a full year. Includes, daily breakfast and lunch, uniform, shoes, backpack, and all school supplies and curriculum. 30 sponsorships still needed.

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