Meet the Teacher: Lindsey Turner

Lindsey joins us as the new grade three teacher! Read on and hear about how this isn't her first time at The Esther School.


I graduated from Calvin College with a degree in Elementary Education. I grew up in Lynden, Washington, surrounded by an amazing family and community. While attending Calvin, I had the opportunity to visit Zambia and The Esther School. I instantly fell in love with the wonderful people, rich culture, and amazing school. Boarding the plane back home after only a few weeks spent there, I knew I’d be back. Now upon graduating, I have the incredible opportunity to fulfill God’s calling on my life and serve as a teacher at The Esther School. I am beyond blessed to have had an opportunity for such a great education and hope to be able to give that opportunity to many more children as I teach.


God has been preparing my heart to serve in missions even longer than I’ve been aware. These past few years, I have been praying and seeking out his guidance as to where he would send me. After spending a short time at The Esther School, it was clear to me that this is where the Lord was calling me. I was amazed by the work being done at The Esther School because I had never seen a school where two cultures were able to work in such harmony. Watching the Zambian and North American teachers co-teach and fill in the gaps where the other couldn’t in language, culture, or instruction was incredible. I was inspired by the students’ value of education and hard working spirits. Christ is doing amazing things in the community through these children.

I am passionate about The Esther School because at the core of it is Christ and community. I am so excited to be part of this small glimpse of heaven—two peoples working together for the betterment of each other and by doing so, bringing forth the kingdom of heaven.