Meet the Teacher: Brian Silungwe


Brian joins The Esther School staff as a grade two teacher. Brian received his degree in Early Childhood Education. Before coming to The Esther School, he taught in a small school in Lusaka, the country's capital and his hometown (located an hour's drive from The Esther School.)

Brian first noticed The Esther School on a trip to his family's farm. Every time Brian drove to the farm, he would pass the school and wonder what it was about. As he asked around and learned more about the mission of the school, he knew it was a special place. And every time he passed the school, he increasingly thought it would be a place he would like to work.

Brian found that The Esther School aligned with his beliefs and desire to help children in vulnerable positions.  So, when The Esther School was looking for teachers for the next school year, he applied. Brian is excited to use his skills and profession to serve the children and surrounding community.

Brian is married with two daughters, age 14 and 3. His hobbies include listening to music and playing the keyboard when he gets the chance.

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