After a fun and exciting field day led by the Fair Haven Church work team, they gave each of our students a blue ribbon and a lollipop. The students were so excited! We passed them out and reminded our students to make sure to put the wrappers in the trash and that if they found any wrappers on the ground on the way home to make sure they picked it up and put it in their backpack so they could throw it away in our trash can. On Monday, one student told us that she had many lollipops in her bag. A little later, we found out she actually meant lollipop wrappers when she put them all on our table! However, what made us smile and laugh the most was that none of the wrappers she had picked up were from our lollipops. They were all a different kind sold at our roadside market!

And the next day, more lollipop wrappers were on the table. Again, not the same brand that were given to us, but different ones.

And then the third day, a different student still brought more lollipop wrappers.

The thoughts and hearts of these students going above and beyond, continues to amaze us!