Library Time

The largest building by far on The Esther School Campus is the Library/Clinic/Community Center. This was also the most recent building project to be completed here on campus. While there is currently no operating medical clinic on site, there are facilities to house one in the future. We currently use one of the rooms in the building as a place for PTA meetings for the school, as well as for our Friday morning chapels with the students. It functions very well in both of those capacities, and we look forward to the many uses it can have for the school and the community in the future as well. The library portion of the building is also beginning to be used. Although the library program is very much in it's infancy, it has begun! We have been utilizing it with the students at The Esther School on Tuesdays and Thursdays for music/story time led by Lindsey and the teachers. We have also opened it up on Tuesdays from 3-5 for the children and mamas from Every Orphan's Hope. Each week, the children and mamas come to read and play games, build with legos, and listen to stories.

It has been such a blessing to see the excitement with which they come! To us, the library has much work to be done. We have a vision of all that it can be, including more books, games, and even computers. To them, it is by far the most books they have ever seen in one place at any one time, and it is a whole world of information at their fingertips. They love it! Each of us who is there reads to the children from the moment we arrive until the moment we leave. Book after book, after book. Children on laps and children sharing seats, just to get closer. They smile and inquire, and as soon as one book is finished, another one is begun.

Older children who can read on their own enjoy the quiet of the adjoining room where they can read and learn together. Others play Scrabble. Last week one of them asked us if they could begin coming twice a week. We are excited about the programs that we are continuing to develop using our library facilities, and we will look forward to sharing them with you! For now, we are so thankful that it is already being used as a blessing to this community, far beyond just the students that attend The Esther School itself. Seeing the mamas' excited faces as they flip through the pages of books and eagerly check one out to take home is priceless. They are truly grateful.

Enjoy some of the moments we shared together today....