Our mission is to raise servant leaders for the Kingdom. So we’re excited when we hear stories of students stepping into servant leadership around the world! Take a class of students from Grand Rapids Christian Middle School (GRCMS). The 8th grade Global Diversity Class wanted to learn about the world and help it too. So they entered, Lead2Feed, in the hopes of raising money for their nonprofit of choice. Hear what the teacher has to say:

Lead2Feed is a student leadership competition that our school has participated in for the past few years.  Students work in teams to research a non-profit organization, learn how that organization is impacting a community, work on communicating that information in a short "elevator" speech, and then show leadership by putting on some kind of fundraising event to raise support for that organization. 
My students choose to raise support for The Esther School (TES) and Bethany Christian Services Refugee Relocation Services - because of our friendship with our TES sponsor child and our study of the world refugee crisis.  The student teams then work on branding themselves and creating a logo.  In the past each team has put on their own fundraising events, but this year, we joined forces with the 7th grade class and put on one big event, a fundraising dinner where we shared stories about The Esther School and Bethany Christian Services (refugee relocation services) and the MIRA Foundation (the 7th grade's organization). 
Then we created a video, wrote a few reflections, filled out the lengthy contest entry and sent it in. Several weeks later we learned that we won one of the 2nd place awards:  $10,000 to be shared with our three organizations and a $5,000 technology grant for our school.  SO COOL!

Thank you GRCMS Global Leadership Class for your servant leadership and making a Kingdom impact!