Last Day of School

Today marked the end of the 2014-15 school year. Students arrived early, excited for the day and the events it held. Each class invited their families to their classroom, where they performed a program highlighting what they learned this year. Students read books, sang songs, recited Bible verses, and presented portfolios of their artwork. It was easy to see the joy in the eyes of the visitors as they witnessed the growth of their student. Everyone gathered together to end the year with praise and worship. After refreshments of fritas and juice, students and teachers said goodbye for the holiday. This year marks another year of God's faithfulness to The Esther School. The Esther School also says a "see you later" to Jean Selles. Jean was part of pioneering The Esther School, and taught for three years: two in Preschool and one in Grade Two. She served as the Head Teacher, putting much time and effort into developing curriculum to fit the school's needs. Jean's love for the students and the school has greatly impacted this community. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Jean for her service at The Esther School.