Home Visit

[March 27, 2015] Today was filled with lots of great activities at school since it was the last day before Easter Break. We started with chapel, read with the preschoolers from our Beginner Bibles, and made "stained glass" windows with Passion Week symbols. But my favorite thing of the day happened after school.

We had heard this morning that one of our grade two students was involved in a bike-automobile accident last night and required stitches and was very bruised with head and shoulder injuries. After school we went as a class to visit him at his home in the village. All 27 of us crowded into their small three room home and shared parts of our day with him. Miss Getrude encouraged them to talk about our devotion on God's watchful care of us wherever we are. We also took time to pray in typical Zambian style starting with a song and praying all together for his health and family. It brought tears to my eyes to see their concern and hear their heartfelt prayers. As we walked back up, one of his classmates commented that the injured boy had tears while we sang. I think he may have been as overwhelmed as I was by the show of support. It is not often that an entire class makes a house call to a classmate!