Grade Two Feature Friday

Today was our last Buddy Reading experience with the preschool class but it didn't come without lots of preparations before. For several weeks the grade two students have been working on several Readers' Theaters to present during this special time. Every day during their individual reading time we could hear them reading by themselves or in a small group. They wanted to be ready! Since it was the last time we would be together we also wanted to commemorate the accomplishments and the reality that we were going to all be moving up to another grade. The grade two students consider themselves almost grade three students so they decided that the preschoolers would delight in knowing they were going into Kindergarten. It was easy for the grade two students to remember their favorite things they had done in Kinder and soon our white board was filled with memories. Each student made a card to give to a preschooler filled with their favorites. Some chose the basics like reading and writing while others remembered the special day when candy houses were built or the weeks when the Olympics were celebrated. And of course each card needed pictures. This grade two class feels the need to draw for all occasions! It was exciting for me to relive with them some of their earliest memories at the Esther School and to see their willingness to share their talents with the preschool class. They are truly learning to be servant leaders!

Blessings, Jean Selles, Grade Two Teacher