Double Feature Friday

Feature Friday - Grade One Sustainability  Sustainability is part of the daily function at The Esther School. Each grade takes part in a different piece. Grade One is responsible for collecting eggs from our chickens. Every day, a group of six students head up to the chicken coop with empty egg trays and excitedly anticipate how many eggs they will collect that day. A Zambian worker meets the students and they fearlessly collect the eggs for the day. Upon collecting the eggs, they count how many they took, and deliver the produce to the kitchen. The eggs will be used for breakfast the next day.

During Grade One calendar time, the group excitedly reports on how many eggs they collected. We graph the weekly progress, integrating comparisons with math. They are so excited to report and proud of their contribution to the school community!

Grade Two Leads Chapel

For the past several weeks, the Grade Two students have been preparing to lead chapel. They have been studying the miracles of Jesus and his power over sickness, hunger, demon possession, storms, sin, and even death. We decided to share the story of Jesus as healer when He encountered a woman who was sick for 12 years and raised a girl from the dead.

The Grade Two students practiced a readers' theater and chose costumes to go along with their parts. This morning was our time to share. Excitement was high as the students reviewed their parts and sang songs to show God's power and love. They did such a good job telling this story to the other Esther School students, and those watching enjoyed seeing brothers and friends leading chapel.