Grade One Meets Magnets

The past few weeks we have been studying magnets. The students have been really excited about this theme unit. On days we study theme, the students are very eager to find out what we will be exploring next. Magnets were not a familiar topic at all and every step of the way has been a thrilling new discovery. We started by testing what items were magnetic and not magnetic. This carried over into the days and weeks to come. Students would declare randomly throughout the day, “Miss B., Miss B, this isn’t magnetic. It doesn’t have iron.” It has been fun to see their excitement and eagerness to learn. We tested whether magnets travel through paper and water. Before experimenting many students thought magnets only work on other magnets or direct contact. They were surprised as they saw magnets picking up items through other materials. We got a chance to discuss attracted and repelling and discover how God created the world with such intricacy. We studied the poles and made our own compasses to help us discover directions. At one point the students were jumping up and down singing and dancing declaring, “North, South, East, West.”

We finished our unit by having magnetic car races. Students got to work in groups to create a track and then they made cars that they raced with the magnets under the track. The excitement could be heard throughout campus. God is an awesome creator and it has been a gift to celebrate that through the study of magnets with Grade one students.