Giving Tuesday 2019

When passion and skills pair with opportunities, the possibilities grow.

This year, #GivingTuesday is December 3! Your support will go towards Science and Computer Lab resources for the newly constructed Grade 7-9 Building. You’ll provide Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) opportunities at The Esther School.

The opportunities you will provide will strengthen what we already see in The Esther School students. God gave each student passion and skills that they use all the time! Below are ways we see it:


Students love playing football (soccer) at any time and place. When a ball isn’t available, they make one! They innovatively use plastic bags, rocks, and strings. Then they use the ball they made in their next game.  

Have you ever made up a recipe? Students creatively cook food or drinks as a game. They enjoy imagining what they can prepare from natural materials. Mixing pebbles, dirt, and grass makes a delicious stew!

A galimoto is a toy car. Students build these galimotos out of various materials they find. They deliberatively use each wire, bottle, lid, carton, or piece of wood. They place the items in a specific way with a particular purpose. They craft the toy so that the wheels spin, the car stays together, and the student can run with it!

You can see that The Esther School students are innovative, creative, and deliberative! When the passion and skills pair with the opportunities provided through STEM resources, there are many possibilities.

This #GivingTuesday, we are asking you to join us in providing these opportunities. We need $5,000 for technology and science lab resources and STEM opportunities at The Esther School. Through your support, God will teach a future scientist or engineer how to pursue their passion and use their God-given skills!

Give this #GivingTuesday