Full Stomachs... and Hearts!

Feature Friday - Kindergarten In Kindergarten, we just finished a unit on food around the world. For five weeks, we learned about food from five different countries. Every Friday, a group of students got to make the food for the whole class to enjoy.

Last Friday, we ate corn tortillas and beans from Guatemala. I explained to them that tortillas were kind of like their staple food, nshima. Both tortillas and nshima are corn based. Tortillas were like flattened balls of nshima!

Well, our food unit was over but not for them, because on Wednesday, we ate our lunch of nshima and beans. Many of the students started to flatten their nshima, put a few beans on it, and say, “Look teacher! Tortillas and beans!” Joy for learning and connections to everything they do make this teacher’s heart overflow with joy and awe.