First Day

What a great first day at The Esther School! The children arrived, some walking, some biking, but all wearing their navy sweaters and big smiles. It was wonderful to hear the campus alive again with laughter! They ate their breakfast and eagerly waited for class to begin. Grade 1 was so excited to begin, they started lining up before they were asked! It was a day of beautiful reunions. Students greeted old friends and rushed to give their teachers hugs. It was also a day of introductions. The preschool class was introduced to the people and practices of The Esther School. The new staff was introduced to each class, with a loud "Welcome to The Esther School!" from the students. The new members were also introduced to nshima - a staple food in Zambia. The kids laughed as they showed us how to eat it by rolling it in your hand and scooping up the relish. We have nshima for lunch every Monday and Wednesday, so we will master it in time!

While it was a great beginning, we would love your prayers as we (staff and students) become settled in the daily routine.


Happy students!

Firs Day

Classrooms are ready to go!


Nshima for lunch