Field Day 2016


There was only one thing that seemed to be on the minds of students last week: Field Day. Starting Monday, students eagerly began guessing what games would be played this year, what color their team would be, and what teacher would lead them. The excitement only grew as the day got closer.

Last Friday held this year’s Field Day. Students arrived in clothes other than their uniforms. Some dressed in football (soccer) jerseys and others dressed up for the occasion in nice dresses. Despite the cool weather and light rain, the students remained excited for the day. After an early chapel, everyone gathered in front of grade 1-3 to be placed in teams. Once names were called, teams formed, and chants created, the teams went to their various stations to begin.

Some of our students' favorite games were indoor football and "get the teacher wet." The day ended after lunch with a school wise tug of war. Girls vs. boys, classes vs. classes, and students vs. teachers made up the competition. It was a fun day of friendly competition!

We want to give a special thanks to our visitors and volunteers Diane Bloem, Evelyn DeHaan, Mary Miedema, Sara Wolters, and their children, for helping make Field Day happen. Thank you!

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