Feature Friday: Sponsorship

For the past few months, you’ve been reading Feature Fridays from the teachers. They provided a glimpse into their classrooms. Now, I’d like to give you a chance to see what I see. My name is Dana Krol, and I am the Sponsorship Coordinator at The Esther School. I am often down at school and rarely does a day go by where I don’t receive a question from a student about a sponsor.

“Miss K, what is the name of my sponsor?
“Your sponsor is –“
“Ah, I know it”

Once, I took a picture of a student. She asked if she could see it, so I turned the camera and showed her the picture. “Ok,” she said, “you send to my sponsor please.”

The students love hearing from their sponsors. If I receive a note from a sponsor, I pass it along to the student. Once I read it to them, I ask them to put it in their backpack to take home. It gets there eventually, but they have to show their friends and teachers first. Especially if I give them a picture of their sponsor. You should see their smiles. I almost have to wear sunglasses it’s so bright.

I see quite a lot at The Esther School but one of my favorite things to experience is a student praying for their sponsor. One morning I walked pass Grade 2. They were praying and the room was filled with prayers for their sponsors. “Lord, thank you for giving us sponsors. Thank you they can still be sponsoring us.”

I have the unique experience of being on this side of sponsorship, but I also get to see how it effects the sponsors. GEMS clubs will send a packet of letters from every one of their girls. These girls who want to connect with a student their age from across the world. They genuinely want to know how their student is doing and understand their culture. I have sponsors tell me their student is like their family. They put a picture of their student on their fridge and show anyone who comes to their house.

I see the love on each side and it is a beautiful sight. To hold so much love for someone you haven’t met is can only be from God. Thank you to all the sponsors and the love they show to our students. You are a blessing!

If you want to become a sponsor or learn more, please email me at sponsorship@estherschool.org. We have 25 students waiting just for you