Feature Friday

Welcome to Feature Friday! Each Friday, a story from one of the teachers will be posted. Each week, we'll provide a glimpse into every grade. Each week, we'll invite you into the classroom. Preschool starts it off with the first story. First semester, our chapel theme was "Names of God". Each chapel brought on a new name. It has been great to see how this theme impacts our whole week. At the end of every day, we close with "Thank You" prayers. The students say different things they are thankful for, and we praise God for them. A constant theme has been thanking God for the names we have learned. "Thank you God for being our Protector". Thank you God for being El Roi". When they ask for a drink of water, they ask for "Living Water". When they line up, the student at the end of the line became the "Shepherd".

It is wonderful to see the students soak in what they are learning about God, and apply it to the rest of their day!