Fair Haven Work Team

Fair Haven Work Team This past week, The Esther School hosted a 10 person work team from Fair Haven Church, located in Hudsonville, MI. The team spent time in the classrooms, helping teachers and reading to students. A highlight of one work team member was hearing the Kindergarten class singing first thing in the morning. The work team also aided in the continue construction of the new Grade 1-3 building. Cement floor was placed, classrooms painted, and windows and doors installed.

The work team also had the chance to spend time with people from the village and explore the area. They attended church in the village, visited the nearby orphanage, and saw some of the students' houses. In addition, the men participated in a Bible study with the workers from school.

The final of day of the work team's stay held a couple of special treats for The Esther School: Chapel and Field Day. A few work team members led chapel for the students. They performed Bible stories and taught the students a new song. After chapel, the students received snack, then headed to the basketball court for the much awaited Field Day, organized by a couple of work team members. Students, donning bandanas and face paint were split into groups lead by teachers. Groups traveled to a number of stations led by the work team. The excitement and enthusiasm of all involved could be felt in the air! At the end of Field Day, students were given popsicles and ribbons.

Field Day

A heart felt thank you to the Fair Haven Church work team for their generosity and service at The Esther School!