Esther School Field Trips

The Esther School has been hitting the road this month! Learning becomes mobile as the students embark on their field trips. Each class will go on a field trip relating to something they learned that year. The students were equally as excited for the bus rides and destinations. The rides were full of songs and chants. Take a look at each class’ field trip: Preschool: 25 students, excited about their first ever field trip, jumped in buses and headed to Chinunyu, a hot springs located 20 minutes east of The Esther School. Students looked in wonder at the steam coming from the water and each had a chance to feel the water. A park worker told the students about the springs and, they learned about stewardship by picking up trash in the surrounding area.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten learned about restaurants in their food unit. The class headed to a restaurant in Lusaka for their field trip! The students gave their order to the waitress, played on the toys, and even enjoyed ice cream (some for the first time!) The Kindergarten class had a blast with their restaurant experience!

Grade One: As part of the sustainability project at The Esther School, Grade One collects eggs from our layer chickens everyday. For their field trip, they traveled to a local farm. This farm had cows, goats, chickens, and pigs. These sorts of animals can be found in the village and some of the students have them at home. One exception is the pigs. The students were shocked and somewhat wary of these large animals. However, the farmer eased their nerves by showing them a little piglet. Grade One ended their field trip with a hotdog cookout at school.

Grade Two: Grade Two visited a reptile farm. At the farm, the students were able to see giant crocodiles, lizards, and snakes. They especially enjoyed seeing the crocodiles open their mouths. One of the students told a worker that some of the snakes behind the glass are found in Nyangwenya. The reptile farm also had mini-golf! The Grade Two students had never seen the game before but they enjoyed playing! The day was one of wonder, learning, and fun