Disaster Strikes the Esther School

What began as a typical day at the Esther School today ended with a significant blow to our progress. An extremely vicious storm popped up around 4pm today and damaged several buildings on campus and around the surrounding villages. We thank God that no one was injured, but our Preschool building sustained serious damage as the roof was peeled off, an entire wall collapsed and the ceiling structure collapsed into the classroom.













Thankfully, school had dismissed for the day and several of us had just wrapped up a meeting in this very room. Several neighbors, parents of our students, and even students themselves arrived almost immediately to join the entire staff and our paid employees (who had otherwise just finished for the day) in cleaning up. Within two hours of the incident, the entire room had been cleared of rubble, what could be salvaged from the classroom was moved to the library, and a new temporary classroom had been set up to accommodate tomorrow's school day. We were even blessed with a rainbow as we finished to further assure us of God's faithfulness and protection.

Today's events definitely set our efforts back as we will need to regroup, adjust our plans and prepare to rebuild the preschool, as well as other buildings that were less severely damaged in the storm. We remain, however, faithful to our calling and confident in God's mercy, protection and favor. Please join us in thanking God for protecting us from injury, in praying for those around us who's homes were damaged and in supporting all of us as we seek to rebuild.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!