Community Youth Programs


In 2014, Weston Kabaghe began teaching at The Esther School. That same year he also began pouring into the community by creating outreach programs. He started by coaching football and being an example and role model to the boys on his team! Here's what Weston said about why he got involved:


“When I joined the community, I saw that potential in many of the youths and the people around here, but for them they did not see that potential in themselves. They needed someone to come, to give opportunities, and to encourage them. I thought I could be that person, to use my talents and to help those in the community. I thank God that I was!”

Over the years, more youth showed a desire to be involved! Now, Weston's outreach has grown to include videos and acting, Creation Care (cleaning the community by using discarded items in a useful and creative way), chess tournaments, and other workshops. And he's even seen the level of involvement grow. As he's introduced new opportunities, many youth bring their own ideas for the activities, and others step up to lead their peers!

We are so thankful for teachers and community members, like Weston Kabaghe. They have created a healthy environment where children can grow and use their gifts and talents. And they are examples of Godly men and women to others!


Weston began reaching out to the local community with football. Watch a video to hear from him why it all began and how it's grown!