Community Impact: Mama Charity

Meet Mama Charity. Charity runs the school kitchen and manages the parent volunteers. Hear her story on how The Esther School has impacted her life.

The Esther School opened its doors in 2012, and welcomed its first students. As part of the Family Investment Program, parents of students volunteered their time in the classroom and fields. One mama went above and beyond her required commitment. Her name was Charity.

Charity’s son was in the first preschool class. She volunteered in the classroom, sweeping, cleaning and helping where needed. Again and again, Charity showed her commitment to The Esther School. She learned how to bake zucchini bread and sold it at the street side market, donating the profits to the school. She would come to school on the days she wasn’t scheduled.

“If there was no mama for the class, I would stay and help in that classroom,” Mama Charity stated.

At the end of the first year, an opportunity in the school kitchen arose and Charity proved to be the perfect candidate. The Esther School Food Program was growing, and someone was needed to manage the kitchen. The school administrator came to Charity and asked her if she would be interested in running the school kitchen starting in year two. This meant coming everyday, cooking the lunches, and keeping track of the volunteer parents. Charity felt honored by the request and accepted the position. "Right then, I said to Mr. Kevin [the administrator], 'On Monday, we can have chicken and nshima. On Tuesday, peanut butter and jelly. On Wednesday...'"

Charity is in her third year as the head of kitchen operations and is so thankful how this opportunity has affected her. Because of this position, Charity has learned management and leadership skills. She has grown in her confidence and abilities. And Charity has shared what she is learning with others. Over the past two years, Charity has encouraged the mamas who volunteer in the kitchen and classrooms. She’s fostered in these women a growing sense of responsibility and capability.

Now, Charity has two children at The Esther School. She cannot speak without smiling as she talks about the impact The Esther School has had on her family.

“The Esther School has been good to me. My children are growing into Jesus. They know the Bible stories and learn verses in class. My children are learning to respect others. And they are learning English so fast! I love The Esther School very much.”

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