Changing Campus

It's an exciting week at The Esther School as the campus begins to change. Gord VanLaan from GVL Excavating in MI is offering his talents in excavation to help The Esther School realize it's vision of serving preschool through grade 12.  

Students arrived at school on Monday with eyes full of wonder as many of them saw a bulldozer for the first time. They could hardly contain their excitement as they watched the machine in action and eagerly held up toy trucks at recess to compare. And what was so exciting is that students began talking about new classes and wondering where grade 12 would go. It was as if by watching the ground move, these children could visualize their future. They realized that an education through grade 12 was not only possible, but probable. You could see the hope in their eyes.

Watching the ground become level and cleared reminds us of how God has made and is making a way for education in Nyangwena. In 2012, The Esther School began with 50 students in two grades. Four years later, we serve 121 children from preschool to Grade 3 - and this is only the beginning! Every year, The Esther School will add a grade until 2024, when we run from preschool through grade 12! That means, every year, we get to invite 24 news students and give them a hope through Jesus and a future through education.

This bulldozer isn't just moving earth, it's moving lives. And for that, we celebrate.

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