Campus Updates II

Here are some more pictures of the latest project - the bathrooms that will serve the primary school. Almost finished! 20130728-175202.jpg it sits beyond the playground between the library and P/K building

20130728-175411.jpg boys on the left, girls on the right

20130728-175559.jpg utility/storage room

20130728-175719.jpg boys toilets - partitions and urinals on the way...

20130728-175819.jpg trough style sinks

20130728-175854.jpg faucet

20130728-175939.jpg Thomson painting with his homemade smock!

20130728-180029.jpg Charles plastering around the ventilation windows

20130728-180111.jpg Andrew and Charles painting and sealing the exterior brick

20130728-180219.jpg Conrad and Kangwa digging the soak-away (septic) holes

20130728-180319.jpg supervising