Blessings Shower the Esther School!

It's so hard to believe that just one week ago we were scrambling in a downpour to assess and react to the damage inflicted by the storm that leveled our preschool building. With the help of so many in the village we were able to ensure that not a minute of school was missed. Our children returned, so pleased to find many of their things still intact and ready for them in the library. We gathered in prayer at the site of the disaster and offered thanks that no one was injured. We talked with the children about how we don't put our hope, faith and trust in bricks, buildings or plans, but in our God alone who is bigger than any of those things. While this has been a setback, we are so encouraged by the outpouring of support locally and across the globe. We have received many visits from local friends and government officials. We were even featured on the national news service, meaning that the story of the Esther School was literally piped into multiple thousands of homes across the country. More text messages have followed and we are grateful for the exposure.

We would also like to thank so so many of you who sent messages of support and helped spread the word about the need. We were overwhelmed by the inspiring verses, assurances of prayer and words of encouragement. Many of you have also asked about giving. For the sake of efficiency and accountability, I would direct anyone who feels led to give to send designated gifts directly through GEMS Girls Clubs or via the website at Gifts given there can be specified for "The Esther School", then "where most needed".

Thank you again for your support. Below are some updated pictures.



20140127-161204.jpg The preschool class set up 2 hours after the storm


20140127-161230.jpg Mamas cleaning the toys the next day


20140127-161259.jpg The girls playing chiatu





20140127-161351.jpg Brenda helping momma in the kitchen


20140127-161414.jpg The preschool's new breakfast spot

20140127-161438.jpg Talking to the individual classes about what happened

20140127-161448.jpg The morning after...

20140127-161455.jpg Pumpkin leafs damaged by hail

20140127-161507.jpg Repairs beginning

20140127-161517.jpg Praying with the student body and staff over the preschool building


20140127-161542.jpg Our new chapel spot outside the kindergarten

20140127-161554.jpg singing in chapel

20140127-161607.jpg Getrude leads chapel


20140127-161648.jpg The preschool is being rebuilt!

20140127-161656.jpg Sisters!

20140127-161704.jpg Katie V visiting the Esther School