Assessment Day Complete!

This Friday, The Esther School welcomed over 60 children for Assessment Day. These children, accompanied by a parent or caregiver, came full of nerves and excitement. Some wore big smiles, while others looked shyly through their eyelashes. They all smiled when they received biscuits for snack! It was a busy but blessed day. Within those 65 children was the next preschool class. This decision will be difficult, but we can rejoice in knowing that God has already chosen the 25 students who will attend The Esther School next year. Please keep The Esther School staff in your prayers as we look through the assessments. Pray that God will reveal the next class to us. Pray for the children - for those who will be accepted and those who won't be. Pray for their lives, that God will bless them regardless of where they get their education.

Thank you for your support!