Assessment Day

This Friday was Assessment Day at The Esther School. Current students remained at home while children from around the village came to be tested for their readiness for preschool.

Seventy children went through the assessment process today - a testament to the desire this community has for learning! Shy smiles appeared as they had their pictures taken. Nerves mixed with excitement came from children and parents alike as the children passed from station to station. 

Twenty-four of these children will become students at The Esther School next year. We need people to come along side them as they begin their educational journey. Will you join them?

**Please pray for the children and their families as they wait to hear about their acceptance. Please pray for the staff as they review the assessments and discern which children will make up the preschool class. Let's rejoice together that God has gone before and knows who the 24 students will be and that He holds all the children, both those accepted and not, in the palm of His hand.

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