Answer to Prayer!

This monday, the coconut man came to The Esther School! He found two sources of water on campus. The spot we chose for our well is about 100 yards away from our current well. The coconut man said as we dig, we should hit water three times. With the coming of the coconut man, we can move forward! Brent is getting in contact with the well digger and the parts supplier for the new well. We hope to begin digging on Friday! Trying to capture the rain as it fell! (the blurred spots are rain drops)

Not only did God answer our prayers for the well, another sign was given of His care for us - rain. It hasn't rained for six months and it usually does not rain until November. We woke up today to the smell of damp ground and puddles.

God can do immeasurably more than we ask. What a reminder of His power and an invitation to come before Him with bold requests!